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Remote Support May-23-2017

We have a new instant remote support utility to assist looking at your remote systems. We can now connect to you within 1 minute for your convenience. Software is available on our Customer portal.


Sometimes it's hard to see through clever marketing that Companies baffle us with.
Reflections is about honesty and ethics. As testament to this we would love to hear from you.
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"Changing from various Companies supporting various aspects of our business to Reflections has made total sense and given us a range of savings and efficiencies. By providing support for our Server, Computers, desktop printers, and our main photocopiers, employess have a central contact for any problem. Your response time is as quoted or better and I'd like to think you for an efficient and reliable service" (August 2016)

"Excellent install and support. A very personal touch. Super impressed" (January 2014)

"Thank you to the team at Reflections. The install crew went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the equipment could do everything we wanted. We are very grateful to you for fixing our own internal IT problems at the same time which our IT support resource had been struggling with for so long. Highly recommended!" (September 2013)

"Hi Tom
Thank you to you and Justin yesterday for all your efforts in getting us up-and-running. Everything seems to be working fine. I've printed our advice notes today and can't believe how quick the prints come off ... we could go off and fill the kettle and get everything ready for a cup of tea and still be waiting for two advice notes to come off the old printer!!
Thanks very much for your assistance!!" (May 2013)

"More and more often these days I seem to receive very poor customer service from companies, companies that really couldn't seem to care less about their customers, quite often customers that are parting with a lot of money.
In this day and age communication is key and with so many simple methods now of communicating with customers you would think companies would be making the most of this. Nothing annoys me more than status pages that only ever say "Everything is fine" when it quite clearly is not, 1&1 for example... 
So, rant over, it's not often that I deal with companies that go above and beyond the call of duty to gain and retain business. Our MFR printer (Sharp MX-3500N) contract with ******* had expired and it was up for renewal. ******* were great, spare toners were all delivered promptly, service engineers arrived when they said they would, the only downside was that our printer seemed to require a lot of servicing and they were leaning towards the expensive end of the scale. After dealing with a few companies and getting a few new quotes, I opted to go with Reflections Office Solutions, based in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

I dealt with Tom Hennessy who is a thoroughly delightful chap and went out of his way to make to the process as straight forward as possible. He was always contactable and promptly answered any questions that I had. We now have a fully serviced Ricoh Multi Function printer at a great rate which works like a charm and produces great prints. It's not top of the range, but, it's as good as new and it easily does everything we need, and as mentioned previously, for a great price with great service.

It's refreshing to write a positive article for once and deal with helpful people. So, if you have any print queries, I wouldn't hesitate in giving these guys a shout, 0121 444 1221"
(Dave Harris - August 2012)

"If you need quick, effective and competitively priced solutions to repairs and maintenance of your office equipment, look no further than using the skills and business expertise offered by Justin Mander, Reflections Office Solutions. I have used Justin's expertise for well over twenty years and find him to be a rare, genuine expert in his field. No task is too much trouble for him. He very quickly analyses and repairs any fault presented by photocopiers and even computers - nothing is too much trouble, and he never fails to deliver prompt and expert resolutions - and at a fraction of the cost of major firms whose employees do not have nearly the same mechanical skills and expertise - nor the same honesty and integrity as Justin. I can safely recommend his services to any company, big or small. You won't find better...."
(Patricia Sterrett - March 2012)

"A big thank you! The booklet maker on our machine has never really worked very well until you had looked it. Very impressed with your service."
(February 2012)

"Straight-forward and honest service. Many thanks again"
(February 2012)

"Thank you for spending the time sorting my machine out. It's been two weeks now and it runs like clockwork. Thank you for the care and attention that it needed."
(January 2012)

"Very impressed by the time the Reflections team took to make sure we were all set up and working perfectly. A painless easy swap from our previous supplier which we thank you for" (September 2013)

"Underselling and over-delivering. Your company is a pleasant surprise from the norm!" (December 2013)

"Very surprised in a good way by the installers knowledge of server platforms. Got me up and running very quickly and even helped me solve some internal IT issues. Will recommend you - please put this on your website :-)" April 2014

"We have had our equipment for 6 months now so it's time to write a review for this site. No issues whatsoever. Just sorry that we did not use reflections office solutions earlier as it would have saved us some pain over the last few years" (June 2014)

"Simply a great company giving a very professional experience" (Simon Eastham - October 2014)

"Yes your equipment did breakdown after install but what a response. 4 hour contract normally meant 'next day' with our last provider. You came to us in 2 hours 34 minutes and fixed the issue very quickly. Flawless since. Just wanted to say thank you and please put this on your website" (Kerry Adams December 2014)

"Yes you are ethical and trustworthy. So unique in the copier market!
I certainly don’t need convincing and hope we can spread your service far and wide" (February 2015)

"We asked for a great deal on the technical front and your firm delivered. In fact you surpassed our expectations. Well done!" (March 2015)

"Please thank your technical team. The time spent on install was very valuable and gave us all the features and facilities we needed. Very well done" (April 2015)

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